Wireless Bluetooth earphone inPods i12/i13 Pro Macaron Bluetooth headset earbuds

Wireless Bluetooth earphone inPods i12/i13 Pro Macaron Bluetooth headset earbuds


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1. Delicate sanded, skin-friendly hand feel, anti-fingerprint, anti-scratch and water-proof sweat; environment-friendly micro-sand technology, which is better than the good hand feeling of the bare machine
2. Super strong sound quality, 7mm neodymium-iron boron strong magnetic+ titanium plated composite film moving-coil horn unit. The sound field is wide and full, three-dimensional surround sound effect, three-frequency equalization is natural, the sound is more pure, the sound feeling is more real and dense, the melody is more sensitive, and each song makes you feel fresh.
3. Fingertip touch, unlock the new experience, fingertip touch can achieve music, call, voice assistant and other operations, Shushou has no sense of pressure, enjoy the full sense of science and technology of intelligent operation experience.
4. Bluetooth 5.0-core upgrade, the new generation of Bluetooth 5.0 technology, compared with Bluetooth 4.2, the power consumption is lower, more smooth, the transmission speed is faster, the anti-dry and anti-jamming capability is stronger, the signal is stable, and the game demand can be met.
5. The second-speed connection, the good music is not waiting, after the first pairing is successful, the power-on is automatically back connected, no extra operation is needed, and the earphone is started to be automatically connected back, and at this time, it is only required to wake up again at once.
6. Wear solid and comfortable, let you swing at will, many times to the human ear test, combined with big data, designed ergonomic side into the ear wearing, fitted to the ear canal, solid and not easy to lose.
7. Press for 3 seconds, summon your phone assistant, and talk to your personal assistant easily. Touch the Mo area for 3 seconds to activate Siri, Android Apple support.
8.IPX4 waterproof, no fear of sweat splashing, professional waterproof grade, can effectively prevent sweat Rain Water splashing on headphone components damage. Exercise without scruples, sweat to the fullest.
9. Accompanying charging, lasting continuation, Bluetooth headset with its own charging warehouse, automatic charging in the box, full once, listening to songs up to 2 hours, the charging box can charge headphones twice, combined with the use can meet 10 hours of music playback. The small cashier contains a number of cool techs: magnetic shock point, Hall magnetron switch, faster charging, lasting continuation, long-term confession throughout the day.
10. Compatible with I0S and Android systems, turn on Bluetooth, connect to your IOS or Android system device quickly, support mobile phone, Pad, notebook and other devices.


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